A Non Domestic Energy Assessor (NDEA) is a member of a Government approved accreditation scheme. Energy assessors are responsible for conducting an energy assessment, producing an EPC and lodging the EPC with their accreditation scheme.

Government approved accreditation schemes monitor the quality of energy assessments and EPCs by ensuring energy assessors are competent and possess the appropriate skills to conduct energy assessments.

Energy assessors will need to be qualified for the type of building being assessed.

For non-dwelling EPCs, the levels are:

     ๏   Level 3 – simple, existing non-dwellings: small buildings such as converted houses or doctors surgeries.

     ๏   Level 4 – new and existing non-dwellings: eg small purpose built office buildings.

     ๏   Level 5 – new and existing complex non-dwellings: eg large office buildings or factories.

If you wish to check that an energy assessor is a member of an accreditation scheme, you can do this in two ways:

     ๏   Verify the credentials of your energy assessor on-line via the Non-Domestic EPC Register which provides a national register of accredited energy assessors. This will allow you to search on the energy assessors name or accreditation scheme membership number.

     ๏   Ask your energy assessor which accreditation scheme they are a member of (and their membership number). The accreditation scheme can confirm that your energy assessor is accredited to practice as an energy assessor.


What Is An NDEA?

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