Why Choose Us For An EPC?

We are competitive and conscientious. We believe our pricing structure is not only competitive but fair, it is aimed at charging for the work we do and not merely the size of the building. Commercial Energy surveys require a consultant with an excellent understanding of Building Services to guarantee accurate data collection, which is the best basis for obtaining the best EPC ratings.

The EPC ratings will indicate the energy consumed by the building and its carbon footprint, these values are comparative and will show your buyer or tenant how efficient or inefficient the building is, impacting on its value, the rental and even the amount of interest shown in purchase or let.

Not only do I have over 25 years experience in property services and have extensive knowledge about the various components that affect an EPC rating, I am also very conscientious and undertake exhaustive research to provide accurate data to give the best possible ratings for each EPC.

An EPC is always accompanied by a recommendation report that lists cost effective and other measures (such as low and zero carbon generating systems) to improve the energy rating. Recommendations produced by the report can be discussed at length to ensure that the client receives the best possible advice about improvements to the buildings energy efficiency.

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Why Choose Us For An EPC?
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Please feel free to telephone our office and discuss your needs and the service we can offer you, we think you will find our own environmentally aware operation and passion for reducing carbon emissions, our years of experience with building services and our competitive pricing structure makes us an ideal company to provide an EPC for your property.